Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Self Esteem

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  1. Apparently, this cartoon requires more exposition than I thought to be funny.

    If you work with a bunch of guys that don't normally notice your appearance, and then one day ALL OF THEM are staring at your chest, it's a bit odd. Especially if some of them go from staring to GLARING. It gets to the point that you're relieved when one of them suddenly yells, "OH, for heaven's sake. 'whim' is spelled with an 'h!'" and the rest of them are all, "ooooOOOOooh!" and then everything goes back to normal...

    At which point, you realize that the shirt you bought for the cute picture has ONE misspelled word in a large block of text, and all your colleagues KNEW that SOMETHING WASN'T RIGHT, and were bothered because they couldn't figure out what it was...