Sunday, March 13, 2011

Toddlers are not dogs...

So, Moodles and I went to the Childrens' Museum this morning. Her favorite thing in the WHOLE MUSEUM was apparently the stairs. We went up them about eleventy times and then rode the slide down... you'd think she did the stairs for the slide at the end, but she only seemed to tolerate the slide in order to get back to the stairs again. She felt the green steps were worth the price of admission, but Momma is still on the fence about that...

Eventually, I was able to get her to interract with something other than the stairs. There was a pretend garden plot with cloth stuffed-toy vegetables to "plant." Moodles found a chive with little string root hairs and waived it around a bit. She was warming up to some stuffed radishes when a little boy of about 2 came over and started rearranging the things that Moodles had been sorting. I waited for her to bite him or shriek with Moodle-Rage, but she did not. She waited for him to turn his head and then put the tickley end of her chive in his ear. He gave her a VERY dirty look, but didn't stop touching "her" things. She gave him an innocent look and waited for him to turn his head again. When he turned back to the radishes, she stuck the chive in his ear. He gave her more dirty looks. She blinked at him as though nothing had happened. I was laughing too hard to comment on anyone's behavior. The boy looked to me for adult intervention, and Moodles took the opportunity to insert the chive in his OTHER ear. Two more iterations of this without rescue from the evil Moodles and the little boy got disgusted with both of us and left.

"You can't treat little boys like doggies." I warned Moodles, as soon as I got the giggling under control.

"Doggie," agreed Moodles.

Then she took her chive wand for a trip up the stairs.

I suppose we should get more practice interracting with other children....

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  1. Gabriel LOVES the Children's Museum. We got the membership so we can go whenever - I think if you're going to go more than once or twice a year, the membership is totally worth it. It only takes 3(4?) trips for it to pay for itself.