Thursday, November 3, 2011

Period Apples:

Rosemarion sent me some period apples from an orchard near her that specializes in them! Last night, I finally got 'round to coring and deworming them so that they can eventually be pressed into cider and made alcoholic.

The flavor of these apples was similar to that of a MacIntosh or crab apple, but less tart than the MacIntosh and sweeter than crab apple. The meat of the apples was a bit peculiar in that it looked in many places as though the core wasn't sure it wanted to be contained to the center of the fruit.

I took a picture, but sadly, the specks of oddness don't appear to be showing up very well. I ended up getting about 4, 1 quart ziplock bags and a bit extra cored and stuffed in the freezer. Freezing the fruit will break down the cell walls and allow me to extract more juice once pressing time comes. Miss Chelsea and I are investing in an antique fruit press/sausage stuffer, which I should be able to use to press the juice out of these apples once my primary fermenter is empty again.

The description on these lovelies per the orchard is as follows:
Calville Blanc d'Hiver (1598) Antique variety from France, where it was grown in the king's gardens at Orleans; one of the premier gourmet apples, still served for dessert in the finer Parisian restaurants; tart, strong, distinctive flavor


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