Tuesday, March 29, 2011

5:00 AM Pedicures

So, over the weekend, Moodles ripped her toenail. It wasn't a bad rip, but it was scratching the crap out of me every time I picked her up. We normally clip her finger or toenails every weekend, and she's pretty good about staying still so I can do the deed, but the ripped toenail required several sessions of burr nibbling to get everything smoothed out. During these sessions, Moodles evidently figured out what was going on, and decided that SHE TOO, was a TOOL USING MAMMAL. Therefore, her latest form of entertainment is "Giving Mama a Pedicure." What's really cute is that when she gets into it, she murmurs reassurances and praise at me for not wiggling too much, just like I do when I trim HER nails.

I got some still photos of her process yesterday morning, but really wanted to get her murmuring on video... Unfortunately, last night when I was attempting to get video of her "process," she busted me with the camera and decided that kissing Mama was more important than clipping her toenails. (It was near bed time, and there is always a lot more snuggling at bed time, than any other time of day.) Even though I didn't manage to get a recording of what I wanted, the video is still ridiculously cute, so:


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