Monday, March 7, 2011

Where does the poo go?


There's this printer that charges the students to print. I've never had to maintain it, and assumed that we were getting re-imbursed somehow for all the paper and toner we put into the thing. Apparently, we are not, and now it doesn't work with the new Windows 7 lab computers. So, I'd like to get rid of it... Only there's no name or phone number on it. No one here remembers how/why it got into the computer lab. So... where is the money going? Limbo with all the print jobs? I called the campus printing people and they INSIST that the printer isn't theirs.


This isn't my normal sort of mystery. I guess I'll be calling up all the people that worked in this job before I did and hoping they still feel charitable toward the University... or at least me...

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  1. Mysterious!

    Hey, Mighty Jesse, want an ARC of CRUSHED SUGAR? email me!