Sunday, May 22, 2011

Moodles goes to the zoo:

Aunty Jocelyn took Moodles to the Zoo! Moodles saw all the animals she looks at every night on her light mobile, except for the hippo and the pelican. Sadly, Moodles was more excited to see other kids up close at the zoo, than she was about the animals. (I agree. Toddlers totally need to be kept in the zoo... But really, I think the problem was that most of the animals were too far away for Moodles to understand what I was pointing at. The other children, on the other hand, were RIGHT THERE, and in many cases, screaming louder and flinging more poo than the monkies.)

The carousel was not a hit. It was pretty until it started up, but then EVERYTHING WAS MOVING and Moodles wanted off. Maybe next year.

The one "doggie" that Moodles did like was the red panda. (All animals are still doggies, as far as she's concerned.) It came right up to the fence where Moodles could see it closely. Up close, it still looks like a stuffed animal. In the gift shop, I showed Moodles a stuffed red panda that chitters when you squeeze it. Moodles grabbed it from me, and without hesitation, stuffed it in her mouth and bit the crap out of it.... either she's feral or aunty Eithni told her what to do if Momma doesn't fall for just licking things in the gift shop...

Overall, a good time was had by all. We'll probably hit that attraction again this summer. Thanks, Auntie Jocelyn!

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  1. Cute! :) We haven't taken our twins to the zoo yet... but we're planning a trip soon!