Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Checking things off the list:

Or not.

I was hoping to cross off a few things from my "Things In Process" list... Instead, last night, I started an entirely new thing. A hat for one of my 3 male in-laws that are coming to visit this weekend. I will make two more with slightly different patterning and call it done.
I took this opportunity to use up some of the zillion yards of handspun wool I have lying around the house from the last time I went on a spinning bender. I used my dark natural grey and my white wool, and I'm fairly pleased with the results. I knit the largest size hat on the pattern, since I don't have anyone's measurements. I figure, if the hat is too big, they can wear it into the shower until it fits.... Yay, wool! And yes, those ear flaps do actually come out of the hat all together. Those are functional buttons you're looking at, yo! One gift down, eleventy more to go!

Honestly, I'm glad that that part of the evening went according to "plan," because it was that only part that did. When I left the office, my plan was to go home, pick up Em, do some work at the Bar, eat dinner with Eithni and Teffan, and then maybe make a set or two of hand warmers for the student-gifts. You know what they say about a plan only lasting until you first engage your opponent? Right. Last night, my opponent was Angus, who - though I love him with the nuggies normally reserved for brothers- has displayed an amazing ability to obliterate any semblance of "plan" through his very presence.

So my evening actually consisted of fixing the printer (Which the bebe had messed up by using it as a standing assist, thereby pressing all the buttons and re-setting the IP address to something useless...), ordering Thai food for Myself, Husband, and Angus, failing to get HD, due to stupid trees blocking the satellites, making the aforementioned hat, and watching the A-Team movie with the guys. It wasn't an unpleasant evening, but I still need to go down to the bar at some point to set the security feeds for unreasonable levels of networked convenience, rather than just CCTV... And I need to talk someone into cutting down a &*%# tree so that I can get some HD* TV.

*What truly irritates me is that I cannot solve this problem by switching satellite providers. Both Dish Network and DirecTV use the same satellites. In some ways, I feel that this defeats my freedom of choice. And don't tell me about Charter Cable. The rant I posted about their idiotic customer service is still in the top 10 things that come back if you Google "MightyJesse."


  1. Too bad there isn't Uverse in your neighborhood. We've been way happy with that even if it is owned by Ma Bell.

  2. @shavasue

    Last time I checked, AT&T was using the Dish Network satellite to provide TV. :P So the problem remains...

  3. I had a really funny comment to post in reply to your "A train ate my breakfast" post. It was HILARIOUS. You would have loved it.

    In creating my account here so I could post it and give you the laughter you so richly deserve, I lost it.

    I'm fucking bereft. Stupid copy/paste failure, robbing me of your imagined laughter.

    Anyway, I like what you're doing here, I follow you, keep it up!

  4. Also, google's word verification system is broken. "Barecks" totally cannot be a real word.

  5. I keep thinking I need a knitting fairy godmother in my area, to help me use up my hand-spinning. *dramatic sigh*