Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Day 2: Ribbed, for your pleasure.

So in today's entry we see what is probably going to represent an unprecedented amount of progress on the sock machine learning curve. (Thank you, Snowpocalypse for this unplanned furlough day...) Please don't expect this kind of progress tomorrow.
I had been using the 54 needle cylinder and fingering weight arcrylic yarn because the sock weight wool was too lacy with that few needles, but too big on the 72 needle cylinder without any ribbing. I had tried the ribber on the 54 needle cylinder, but couldn't get it to go. Due to some other inconsistencies with the 54 slot cylinder, I wasn't really convinced that it was the ribber's fault. (The 54 just doesn't seem to fit the machine like it should. I'm wondering if its a frankenstein piece from a different model year machine or something.)  Anyway, I swapped out the cylinders, which is a far more involved process than that wee sentence suggests, and gave the ribber another go. There were still issues, but this time there were knobs to twiddle that would resolve them.
So. I moved the yarn carrier so that it would clear the ribber needles, tuned the ribber dial (This was what appeared to be off on the 54 - I couldn't adjust this, as the lever arm wasn't touching the screw. Instead it was just swinging around free and not holding the dial alignment at all.) And lastly, adjusted the timing. (On the knitting machine list, most "experts" tell you not to mess with the timing, but we all know how well I follow instuctions like that. May as well put a sign on it that says "Please do not push this button again....")
Clearly, I am sufficiently lucky, and/or mechanically inclined to get the ribber working as you can see the sock that I completed using the thing. This was no small undertaking. I probably frogged that sock like 4 times, but I finally got it done.
Ta. Da.


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