Monday, January 31, 2011

Thing-A-Day Mission Statement...

Welcome to my combination test mail and "Mission Statement" for this year's Thing-A-Day.
I've done this in years past, but I've never really had a THEME for my activities, beyond maybe clearing out my half-finished-project closet. This isn't really a BAD mission to have, but this year, I received a toy in the mail JUST IN TIME to make this year's TAD very interesting.

Two weeks ago, I bid on an antique LeGare 400 sock machine on EBAY, and won it. I have now assembled it and determined that it does, in fact work (as can be seen below in the simple pair of "test socks" I managed to assemble over the weekend.) So this year, I shall try to complete 1 sock per day on my fancy machine, thus I shall learn more about it's operation, AND hopefully, end the month with 14 pairs of socks!


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