Monday, December 13, 2010

The Call of Cthulhu


It was a long weekend of not enough sleep and OMG SNOW. Since Grandpa K and Uncle M were coming down to visit (Cousin N bailed on us due to a sinus thing that made flying upsetting for him.) I made up three hats. I finished up Grandpa K's hat just in time on Saturday morning and presented it to him at breakfast. Moodles hadn't yet met him, and though she is just now starting to get a bit wary of strangers, she seemed quite pleased to accept another hat-wearer into her circle of acceptable bebe-Sherpas. (Pictures of Moodles with her Grandpa K will be forthcoming as soon as I have time to retrieve them off the Good Camera.)

Unfortunately, the weekend that we picked for Grandpa K to do a gig at the Knuckle Down Saloon was also the weekend of the first big blizzard of winter, and fiascoes ensued. Starting with Uncle M's rental car. For the drive from Minneapolis to Madison, Uncle M and Grandpa K rented a car, so that they would be sure to arrive safely, in a nice, reliable vehicle. Unfortunately, the rental company was not down with this plan, and they provided a car from Arizona that didn't even have all-weather-tires... Actually, it didn't even have tires with tread. So once Saturday's rain gave way to snow and ice, the rental got stuck at the bar, and it being the weekend, the rental company didn't have any locations that were readily available to come fetch the stuck car and exchange it for one that can move further than 4 inches in snow. While it wasn't terribly upsetting to have Grandpa K and Uncle M around for an extra two days, to make kissy face at Moodles, it did make getting around decidedly awkward... We routinely had one more person traveling than we had seats in the car, and Husband's Durango was in the shop over the weekend, which left us with the option of cramming everyone into my Spectra like a clown car, or begging Angus for a ride. Thankfully, Angus was quite accommodating and even came to pick up Moodles and Me for Grandpa K's show. (You can listen to the WORT radio interview of Grandpa K here. The interview and some songs from his more popular albums start at 0:59 minutes into the podcast and run to 1:23.)

Due to the blizzard, the show was sparsely, but enthusiastically attended. The other fellow that was scheduled to play sets in between Grandpa K's sets was unable to make it due to the weather, but no one seemed to mind. Grandpa K has promised to come back in the spring and do another show for Moodles when there's likely to be less inclement weather.

Speaking of Moodles, I swear to you, I haven't yet worked up to reading her H.P. Lovecraft at bedtime; however, she has still taught herself to make "Cthulhu face." I spent all day on Sunday trying to catch her at it with the video camera, but every time she sees me with it, she gets self conscious and stops. Eventually I had to prompt her to get her to do it for me on film, and then I was holding the camera sideways. So... The video is sideways, but I still think it's hilarious.


  1. I think Dani will be learning a new face here VERY soon. :) Very cute!!