Wednesday, December 22, 2010

More of Everything: (hats, mice, whatever)

My latest knitting project was a hat for Ethel, who will be retiring at the end of this year. I love Ethel because she bribes me into good behavior with cookies. How can you not love that? Also, she adores the things I knit her, which means that I knit her more things. It's a self-perpetuating sort of relationship. This hat is based on the Meret pattern by Wooly Wormhead. I made it with the "slouchy" variation, and it seems to fit Ethel really well. I will miss Ethel's naughty rebelious streak and kindness after she's gone. She has handed off her torch to me, and I now posses the Cookie Tin of Good Behavior. I shall do my very best to keep it stocked, but we'll see how that pans out. I probably won't bribe people into good behavior... I'll likely end up giving them out as "consolation prizes."

" isn't working on your computer? Say it's not so! I have two other computers here that don't work at all, and guess what? Pandora Radio isn't a mission critical application and I have no sympathy for your plight. Go listen to music on your ipod. Have a cookie."

I know. I'm mean.

Then there's the update I know you're all really here for... The mice. You wanted to know if I'm sure yet... Obviously, based on the picture, I'm not. There was nothing in the trap when I got home from work yesterday, but there were mouse droppings next to it. I think it got set off and literally scared the crap out of another mouse. I set it up again, and then went out for Thai food with Eithni and Moodles*. We really weren't gone long, but by the time I got back, I had a second gray mouse. I named her Helena. And then we sexed the mice. Paris and Helena (both grey) are girls, Hector is a boy. Fan-freakin'-tastic.

Of course, I set up the trap a fourth time, because I still want to be sure that I've got the full set. Then I cast on another hat, this time for my MIL. Moodles slept restlessly because the teething continues, so I didn't get much done. Can I tell you, my kid has developed her first annoying habit? She grinds her teeth when she's awake. Which is impressive, really, because she's only got 4 of them... The top two aren't even all the way in yet. GAH. The tooth-grinding sound is like nails on a chalkboard to me. This habit will be strongly discouraged, though I'm not really sure how. Hopefully, she'll stop doing it once she's gotten used to her new oral appendages.

Anyway, I checked the trap before bed, and there was no activity. I almost started to relax. Then, at 4:00 in the morning, Husband came into the bedroom, his mirth barely contained. His giggling sounded a little nervous, like he was afraid I might snap and go on a massive rodent killing spree or something.

"What do you want to name the new mouse?"

"Glaaaarghh. Murble."

"There was fourth mouse in the trap when I got home."

"Ajax. Duh."

"What if it's a girl?"

"It's a mouse. I don't think it cares. Harumph."

... So I'm still not sure. The trap is reset. Please, God, don't make me come up with another epic mouse-name...

*Eithni and I are systematically working on building up the kid's tolerance to spicy food. We both ordered our food hot, and then gave bits to the kiddo to try. We did wipe all the sauce off before laying out the potatoes and baby corn for her to nibble, but there was definitely some remnant heat. She ate them all with little complaint. Honestly, the biggest complaint was about the hand-washing afterward. I didn't want her to get pepper juice in her eyes after dinner, so Eithni took her to wash while I tried to scarf the rest of my dinner. THAT was where the fit ensued. Spicy food is no problem, but do not get the bebe wet. Apparently, she will melt if you do.


  1. Theoweard says you can come up to his place N of Rochester and dispose of them if you'd like. His cats will LOVE you forever! :) Thanks for the morning grins!!

  2. I vote Gilgamesh and Enkidu! Please, oh, please, name one Gilgamesh for me?

  3. In keeping with the Trojan War theme, I think you need Cassandra and Andromache for girls, or Priam and Troilus for boys.

  4. Baltic amber worn next to the skin helps the teething pain, make sure you get one meant to be used as a teething necklace, it's more baby safe. And the grinding should stop on its own. Gabriel did that too, and at the same point, when he got his top teeth in. It's all about experimenting with this new "toys" in her mouth, the grinding should stop in a couple weeks. Doesn't make it less annoying in the meantime, though. But hopefully it will help relieve the visions of future orthodontist bills?