Monday, December 6, 2010

Things in Process:

Welcome to the holiday season! That time of year when I discover (while frantically cleaning my house before guests arrive) that I have 10,000 more things in-process than I thought. I had thought that maybe I should photograph them and post them for you so that the shame of unfinished projects would drive me to completion... Thus, I give you, the bullet points of half-assery: (If you check back later, I may update with more pictures after I get home tonight... You never know...)
  • Mint chocolate chip hoody (knitting)
  • Black embroidered jumper (hand embroidered, for Moodles, of course!)
  • "I Poop Alot" onesie (hand embellished commercial onesie)
  • New wool tunic (hand sewn with seam embellishments, for me)
  • New wool tunic (hand sewn with seam embellishments, for Husband)
  • New wool tunic (hand sewn with seam embellishments, for Moodles) 
  • Flower diaper cover (Despite my ability to draft a diaper pattern for an adult, NO ONE needs to play that much Warcraft. This will be for Moodles. Duh.)
And then, the really, real reason I'm not posting all the pictures... Moodles was teething and clingy all weekend, so I didn't have much "spare time" for photography after attending the AWESOME variety show at the Knuckle Down Saloon on Friday night, and doing the usual 28,498,348,049 loads of laundry (OK, really it was 6, but it felt like more.)... Every sheet in the house was dirty, owing in part to Moodles' new passion for "finger-painting*."  (I was also supposed to attend Boar's Head, but due to being down a vehicle, and the sudden snow, I just wasn't feeling organized enough to obtain a ride, or talk Husband into a "ninja run" in my crappy car on un-plowed roads with 2 hours of sleep.... So we skipped it, because we'll be attending 12th Night, FOR SURE, due to our respective obligations at that event.)

* SUPER GROSS. Moodles used to just throw up and leave it at that. NOW, she throws up and smears it all over everything, in what she assures me is "art". As you can see by my use of quotation marks, I remain unconvinced...


  1. We missed you at Boar's Head but it does sound like you're more than a little busy these days!

  2. Now I must also add emergency gifts to the list:
    1. Handwarmer beanbags for 3 students.
    2. Neckwarmer beanbag for Fred.
    3. Hat for MIL